HORZI Flap Disc made from 100% zirconia alumina allows for aggressive stock removal and high performance edge grinding. A flap disc is an abrasive product used to contour and shape metal. It consists of overlapping abrasive flaps glued to a backing plate and is regularly used for welding, machining, heavy-duty equipment work, and industrial maintenance. Common applications include: Cleaning flash from molds and castings.
Widely used in Grinding & Polishing of Wood, Paint Layers and Concrete Surfaces.
Horzi Flap Disc available in various thickness. The Flap Disc is Precisely Manufactured with High Precision using optimum Quality raw material and innovative techniques.

Sizes : 100mm Grit 60#

Sizes : 100mm Grit 80#

Sizes : 100mm Grit 120#


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